The Yard Effect: An agency that stands for growth

How a natural demand for creative and marketing services fuelled Lima Bean's new division, The Yard Effect.

by Lou, General Manager & Product Owner, 20 Jan 2021

Growth comes in many forms, but for us, it’s at the core of our company values. Without it, we won’t build the products we build, appoint the people we do, or hold ourselves accountable to always do better.

In fact, solid, organic growth fueled this venture as we stepped up to the increasing demand for creative and marketing services with our client base. The need is apparent: Their brand new website is fully functional, built on a superb stack and they’ve taken (very often the first) steps toward digital. Management is all-in, their KPIs are in place. But often they need so much more than a reliable code base, spreadsheets and good ideas. 

They actually need an agile creative team with multiple skill sets across a sea of channels who fundamentally understands digital, first. A team that is firmly rooted in technology, who takes the time to understand their business and challenges, and who can turn-around in no time. A team that eliminates traditional and tired approval systems and red tape of a traditional agency model. People who can build and nurture from the ground up and get their hands dirty because they fundamentally understand that growth is accountability.

We’re that team.

We didn’t arrive here by chance. We grew into the skills and were afforded valuable lessons from our long-standing and new clients. We are proud to partner with local businesses such as Hi-Tec, Ackermans, PEP, Spur Group, Outdoor Warehouse, Sportsmans Warehouse, Fashion World and Lewis Group. It was only appropriate when choosing a name for our new venture that it lives up to its roots, so to speak. That it said something of where we came from and where we were headed.

It’s called The Yard Effect.

It lives in any given space that is conducive to growth. Where makers and takers can thrive. For agency and client. Both reap the benefits, both become better. That is why we stand for growth. We foster it. We allow for it. We encourage it, even if it seems unlikely at times, it is one of the few constants we can strive for.

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